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May all your days... be beautiful!

May all your days... be beautiful!

What do we mean when we use the word beautiful? How do we define something or someone as beautiful? Is it really down to the eye of the beholder? Is it an emotion? Or is it just skin deep?

Feeling beautiful, looking beautiful and doing something that is beautiful are all important but so is an appreciation of the beauty that exists all around us in different forms and in different ways and especially the beauty within people.

If you are beautiful on the inside then this beauty will radiate... A warm glow and aura and a feeling of well-being will touch everyone who comes in contact with you. You can't buy beauty... not in the spiritual way. It simply isn't for sale and has no price ticket.

Beauty is about feeling good, being kind not only to others but to yourself... Beauty can bring peace in so many ways. Beauty starts from within and is more than skin deep...

With all the craziness that exists in the world, spend moments to see the wonders and the beauty around us and in people.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and there is no one thing that defines it. The Italians say 'Bella figura', which goes well beyond image, visual beauty and presentation…it also is defined by behaviour: knowing how to properly and graciously interact with others in any social or public situation. Exhibiting good manners, tact and gentility is an essential component of “cutting a beautiful figure”.

There's nothing more beautiful than someone saying a kind word when you least expect it and how life changing it can be. Be a part of a movement where tiny beautiful acts of kindness are a game changer. It shouldn't cost a single cent but is infinitely more valuable than anything money can buy. Be beautiful... inside and out!

We have some beautiful features and articles with beautiful people in The Riviera Woman this month and we hope that you enjoy them all very much.

Let May be a beautiful month for you!

Couple of the month - May 2017

We are so thrilled to introduce you to another 'Couple of the Month'... Jackie Pressman-Gintell & Burton Gintell are a busy, active and beautiful couple living life to the full in Cannes on the French Riviera. Read their story and answers to the 6 questions they both had to agree on. Read more

An Interview with Dr. Jean-Luc Vigneron... Face 2 Face! 

The world of aesthetic dermatology has advanced greatly over the years and has become both more accessable and acceptable as people seek ways of looking and feeling younger and beautiful. Following the 15th Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) that took place in Monaco in April, The Riviera Woman speaks with Dr. Jean-Luc Vigneron about his own achievements in the medical industry and his creation of Clinic Villabianca. Read more

Exclusive! Alfred’s Story: A Most Unfortunate Son 

In March, Melissa Roen was asked by a volunteer at Caritas Ventimiglia if she would transcribe young asylum seekers’ stories, whose motives for seeking refuge in Europe are, often times, misunderstood. Melissa meets Alfred... This true story is moving and beautiful... Read more

Bio Hair - Hair protection, the natural way

Summer is on the way and Bio Hair's No.1 priority is to ensure your hair is well protected against the sun. The SU range by Davines will protect, nourish and keep your hair beautiful all summer long... Read more

Featured Artist: Zsuzsanna Udverhelyi

Our featured artist is Hungarian born Zsuzsanna Udverhelyi, known in the art circles as Zsud. Her unique and beautiful vision of blending fantasy, reality, characters, and creatures gives her artwork a unique energy that resonates with many. See more

FashiOnMap - Destination Tokyo

A dynamic and beautiful way to discover new talent in the world of fashion and couture. Flavia Cannata and Liza Griaznov are FashiOnMap and are exploring the world for designers who can re-create a traditional piece of clothing... with a one week deadline... See more

Wellness: Anette Shine - Be A Yogi at Work

As more and more of us work harder and longer days, companies are beginning to value the importance of investing in opportunities to de-stress with very positive and beautiful results. Read more

Judy Churchill: Personal Experiences: How do you deal with the Naysayers?

Our inspirational series of themed articles based either on people’s personal experience or questions that tend to reoccur in coaching sessions and are of interest to us all. This month Judy Churchill answers this question so beautifully: 'How do you deal with the Naysayers?'. Read more

Health: Organic Detox Bar - Juice Of The Month

Tara Ostrowe is Chief nutritionist and author of the Organic Religion Detox Program. On The Riviera Woman, we will feature beautiful organic juices full of pure goodness. This month we feature the Lemonade Detox Juice to hydrate and invigorate the body. Read more

Julia Moore: Too much democracy can be bad for your health.

This month Julia ditches politics (only momentarily) for something a little more fluffy... Yes, beautiful kittens.. the perfect way to re-set an overworked and tired brain! Read more

Recipes: Bordighera Baking Goddess: Diana Monaco makes... 

Made in beautiful Bordighera... Diana Monaco is our passionate foodie. This May Diana shares with us a recipe inspired by her friend Carla Monciatti: Amaretti Morbidi... See more

Health and Beauty: Coconut your way to healthy teeth! 

We look at an alternative way to maintaining good oral health beautifully by using pure coconut oil as a natural toothpaste... Read more


Events: Vivaitalia (Britalia) Club this May 2017

Vivaitalia (Formerly Britalia) - We are the group that loves all things Italian. We organise monthly aperitivos, film nights, pizza nights, gourmet delights, walks, trips and a whole lot more. Join us for our Aperos in Bordighera, Sanremo and Ventimiglia and also the monthly English Film Night in Dolceacqua. More details HERE and on Facebook - Meet Up or Website


Monaco: Professional Women's Network - Cindy Egolf

Join Cindy Egolf in Monaco on 11th May 2017, for an inspirational business networking lunch starting at 12:00 until 14:00. Venue: Address Restaurant in Monte-Carlo. See full details


Our Monaco reporter, Celina Lafuente de Lavotha keeps us updated with the news from the Principality - from culture to entertainment. Enjoy!

For all that's happening in Monaco and where to go, where to eat, take a look at maBoum.


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