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Anna Fill Interviews

Johnessco Rodriguez - Creator of Art Monaco '12

Art Monaco is an exciting and exhilarating exhibition. With the event fast approaching its third year in Monaco. I wanted to find out a little more from the creator, Johnessco Rodriguez.. He talks to me frankly about the concept, organisation and it's future...

1. How was the concept of Art Monaco created?

Well, there are more than 300 art shows worldwide. The concept and idea was already out there. The only input and modifications we have done is that the participation at our event is by invitation only and instead of receiving 40,000 visitors or more, we only receive about 10,000 but all of them with interest in art and with buying power. We focus in quality rather than quantity and care about showcasing a mix of artwork that goes from masterpieces of 30 million + to emerging pieces that could be purchased for 3 thousand Euros. This gap has created a big controversy amongst the galleries that believe and fight to be better from one another. Other art shows always offer a very easy way for galleries to apply however we tend to be more selective in terms of who we accept as exhibitors.

2. Who created this concept?

From A to Z , planning, production, management and corporate image, I did.

3. Why was Monaco chosen to host this exhibition?

I was trying to create an international, exclusive an artistic happening somewhere in the world. I was aiming to produce an event in a city that represented a big challenge for me as event producer. At the same time, I needed a city that served as an important platform to capture the eyes of art lovers and promote art and culture at a higher level. That being said, there was no better place than Monaco.

4. What can we look forward to seeing this year at Art Monaco 12?

As every other year, Art Monaco will present something that has not been seen abroad. For 2012 we'll see the new collection of the invisible sculptures from Jorge Iglesias. I am not joking, the pieces will literally disappear in-front of your eyes! We will also present the first piece of the series - Painting in Space. - from the Armenian Artist Kochar. A work with a three-dimensional perspective, bridging the gap that divided a two-dimensional painted surface and a three-dimensional sculpture in space. Although his point of departure was painting, and he never turned his back on it, his permanent place in the history of the 20th century art is secured by sculpture in metal.

5. How many people work at Art Monaco HQ and where?

Art Monaco is operated under the new virtual corporate world. We have people in Montreal, New York, Miami, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Russia, Nice and certainly Monaco. Our team is conformed by 8 people full time and 30 contractors.

6. Where do you see the future for Art Monaco?

How will it evolve? Art Monaco is a young art show. We visualize Art Monaco to grow and to be as important as other art shows in Miami, Paris, Belgium and Italy. Always exclusive and always with glamor. We already have a strong presence in more than 52 countries and we hope for more.

7. Will the Art Monaco concept travel?

Certainly! We already have 3 new locations for 2013.

8. You say life is also art – It can also be food for the soul. Art can come with some responsibility – How do you choose your exhibitors or would you reject an artist from exhibiting if they were too controversial?

Our main slogan, Because life is also an art... means that every single one of us is creating a masterpiece with our life. Every action and decision we made is a line or a color in our big canvas. Yes we need to be responsible at selecting the works to be presented and I think that our responsibility starts with giving opportunity to the new ways of expression. Art Monaco focuses on galleries but we do accept as part of our commitment with society 10 independent artists that will present a solo exhibition judged by presentation, concept, meaning and image. It is very hard to select artworks for new projects or installations since there are many good and talented artists out there; unfortunately our space is limited and we can not have them all.


I am so looking forward to that opening day. If the previous years are anything to go by - it is going to be outstanding art show! For me it's like being a child in a sweet shop... So much to see and so much to absorb. With every blink, there will be something new exploding in front of your eyes! I am so sure about that!

Show dates are: 5th - 8th April 2012

Here is an interview with Johnessco Rodriguez at the Art Monaco '12 exhibition

Special thanks to Johnessco Rodriguez and Annie Orzechowska.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011    Section: Anna Fill Interviews    Author: Anna Fill
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