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Woman of the Month

Woman Of The Month - Cindy Egolf

Cindy Egolf is an orchestra director has travelled the globe conducting professional orchestras. She is known for her expressive interpretations as she encourages each musician’s imagination and passion. For fun, Cindy makes Tiffany stained glass windows, produces olive oil, tends a small farm, and plays with every animal she meets.

We asked Cindy our famous 5 little questions and this is how she replied:

1) What makes you smile?

Normal, everyday miracles. Things that we take so very much for granted. Seeing connections being built.

2) What or who inspires you?

At a recent luncheon I watched as two women (not knowing each other previously) became enchanted by the other’s presence. By the end of lunch these two strangers seemed as if they were life-long friends. They had created a magical bond in a matter of minutes. It was thrilling to watch!

3) Do you believe in gut instincts? 

My friend from LosAngeles was due to visit me last week, but her dog became seriously ill and she had to cancel the trip. Bad news?

No, good news. She was able stay beside her dog and help it heal.

The next day I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for months. He asked me to participate in an art show but I didn’t have anything ready. Bad news?

No, good news. The exhibits were for UNICEF; I was so honored and it inspired me to immediately create a new piece to exhibit. I don’t know if this is gut instinct, but I try to not judge events in my life as good or bad, but as a possibility.

4) Your three essential things if you were stuck on a dessert island would be what?

An orchestra, Good wine, More good wine!  

5) If you are planning a day/night out, what do you enjoy doing the most?

I love this outdoor restaurant in the mountains above my little medieval village. It has a spectacular view of the hills, valley and the sea beyond. They grow all their own food, and prepare everything themselves. A normal lunch takes about 4 hours. The more the merrier!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014    Section: Woman of the Month
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