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Woman of the Month

Woman Of The Month - Judith Evans

Judith Evans was born in the heart of the Welsh Valleys and her parents moved to Newport (just next to Cardiff) when she was a year old. She is fiercely proud of her Celtic origins and believes they are part of her courage and strength…. Judith is the oldest of three children, she has two younger sisters who are also her best friends, therapists, life coaches….

Judith had a very happy childhood; she grew up with loving attentive parents, a large family, and wonderful holiday memories.  She recalls her father saying to her and her sisters every morning before going to school “Do your best” that’s all, just “Do your best” – It’s a way of being that has always stayed with Judith and she echoes this with her own daughters.

"You don’t have to be the best; life is not a competition. Just do your best to find your own happiness and balance and enjoy it!.", Judith says. 

Judith believes that today’s young generation are under too much pressure to succeed when success does not necessarily bring happiness, and ultimately happiness is what we all look for even if we don’t always know it.  Judith would love to see the French education system put more emphasis on helping children find what they are passionate about and what inspires them.

From a very early age Judith fell in love with a French painting that was hanging on the wall in their spare bedroom, it was “Le dejeuner des Canotiers” by Pierre Auguste Renoir (see above) – and that’s where her passion (more like and obsession) for Pierre Auguste Renoir and France started.

All Judith ever wanted to do was to go to France and learn to speak French; and with no specific plan after that.  So on the 5th May 1984 Judith arrived in Menton. She met her husband soon after and over the next twenty years was a wife & mother and worked full time in Monaco.

She separated from her husband several years ago and found a new way of life and many new beginnings.

Judith stumbled into business quite by accident 3 years ago; at the beginning of 2012 she took a few months out of her life and went back to Wales. When she returned she was offered the opportunity to purchase a company based in Beausoleil. The idea seemed crazy at the time but the more thought she gave it, the more it made sense, so she listened to her gut instinct and jumped off a cliff into becoming a business owner.

Judith reflects: "If I had known then what I know now I probably would not have jumped”. The last three years have been a roller coaster of emotions, a huge learning curve and an adventure. She can honestly say that she has never worked so hard in all her life…………but has enjoyed every minute of the ride so far.

One of the best things to come out of managing her own business is meeting new likeminded people and her “Ascot IMS NET WORKING APERITIF” has been a wonderful experience to meet other business owners. Judith has created the “Ascot IMS Networking Apero” a year ago, it was initially meant just to enable all her clients to meet and help develop their business; it has however turned into a major monthly event. It is now open to anyone who wishes to promote and/or develop their business in this area.

This year is extra special for Judith because her eldest daughter is expecting her first child in June. She is so excited to become a Grandmother and beginning the next chapter of her life….. 

We asked Judith our famous 5 questions and this is what she told us:

1) What makes you smile?

Simple things, I’ve been studying “minimalism” as a way of life for a few years:

  • My family & friends always make me smile,
  • trees,
  • the rain always makes me smile (its Welsh thing!),
  • cycling (releasing the child within),
  • singing makes me smile (that’s a Welsh thing too!),
  • an ice cold Martini on a warm summer evening,
  • holidays in Tuscany…

2) What or who inspires you?

  • My daughters inspire me to want to be as good of a role model for them as I can possibly be.  Overall, I get inspiration from a desire to be the best version of myself.

3) Do you believe in gut instincts?

  • Yes, to a point.  As in life I try to strike a balance between my instincts and the rational side of my brain.  It has definitely served me well so far.

4) Your essential three things if you were stuck on a desert island would be what?

  • A note pad and pen so I could finally write the book I’ve been meaning to write for the last 25years
  • My gardening gloves
  • Sun screen and a hat!

5) If you are planning a day/night out, what do you enjoy doing the most?

  • Dinner with close friends 
  • An afternoon on the beach with friends or sometimes just a good book
  • Cycling in San Remo, I usually cycle on my own
  • An evening with my Singing Girls

Friday, 1 May 2015    Section: Woman of the Month
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