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Love is...

Love is...

Love means so many different things to different people... There are songs about love, poems about love, books about love. The ancient Greeks called love 'the madness of the gods'. Some people say it is a force of nature... But whatever love is, only you can define it. Love can be described as being something physical and others say it is purely emotional.

Love makes us do some very strange things... I have heard people saying that when they first fall in love they can't sleep, can't eat, can't think straight. What complicated beings we are...

Love is not complicated really and it is something we should never take for granted. It can be the fuel that motivates us and drives us to achieve so much more. To me love is about sharing and wanting great things for those you love. It's about feeling safe and having trust that the person that loves you will protect you. I recall during a wedding service the priest/minister saying, people no matter what age, colour, race or status in life, all share one thing in common, we all want to be loved.

There's no such thing as too much love and no-one should feel embarrassed to say those 3 little words 'I Love You'. In fact we should be saying it a whole lot more. Telling someone that you love them, can be life changing and make you feel on top of the world.

On 14th February we celebrate St. Valentine's Day, so tell your loved ones how much you love them and then... tell then over and over again.

Sending you lots of love for a wonderful month. This month on The Riviera Woman there is a lot of love going on, see the many offers we have and another competition to enter.

Couple Of The Month - 2017

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our first 'Couple of the Month'... Joseph and Marilena LoPresti are a perfect mix of American and Italian who share a love of culture and life. Read their story and answers to our 6 questions that they both had to agree on. Read more

Bio Hair: Valentine's Gift: Double Love

Love is in the hair! This February Bio Hair are feeling the love. For the whole of February ladies who book to have a cut and blow dry can invite their husband or partner to have the same absolutely free! Read more

Melissa Roen: Unsung heroes: The faces of the refugee crisis 

Independant author Melissa Roen heads to Ventimiglia to witness first hand the work being done at the refugee centre. Even through the difficult situation, Melissa encountered a great deal of love and compassion. Read more

Congratulations to Carole Armour, winner of Melissa Roen's two books:
'Last Call For Caviar' and its sequel 'Maya Rising'.
See here

Beauty: Natural products that works for you! 

We always like to hear about new products and especially when they are 100% Natural. "It Works" started its journey in the US and is now distributed to more than 18 countries. The local distrbutor Suzanna De La Puente, tells us more and offers one lucky person the opportunity to win a product worth €50 by entering our *Competition*. Read more

Wellness: Anette Shine - Yoga, Shawanda TV 

Anette Shine, Yoga and Fitness expert... has teamed with Shawanda TV to create online demonstrations on the different styles of yoga and how best to achieve your yoga goals. See more

Health: Organic Detox Bar - Juice Of The Month

Tara Ostrowe is Chief nutritionist and author of the Organic Religion Detox Program. On The Riviera Woman, we will feature organic juices full of pure goodness. This month we feature the Green Power Detox juice to boost immunity and fight off the flu. Read more

Judy Churchill: Personal Experiences: Uncluttering to succeed

Our inspirational series of themed articles based either on people’s personal experience or questions that tend to reoccur in coaching sessions and are of interest to us all. In article 7 Judy Churchill talks about why there are difficulties in getting started on new projects and goals... See also the special offer from Judy. Read more

Julia Moore: A Qwerty way to make a living

Julia Moore embarks on another journey of reflection. "What was wrong with sending a memo?....Old school pal still has in her possession a copy of our Pitman shorthand textbook. Flicking through its pages had a feel of Indiana Jones about it..." Read more 

Fashion: Private Diamond Club - Rubies, Rare, Royal

The Private Diamond Club have now introduced into their collection a beautiful Ruby and Diamond ring 'Roxana'. The ring has been designed using quality stones and 18 carat gold. We also learn more about the beautiful red stone, it's history and association with royalty and romance... Read more

Health: Live 8 years longer and healthier

How can we stop our bodies for ageing prematurely by 8 years? Is it really as simple as a change in our every day routine? Following a research by scientists in the US, we reveal more. Read more

Food and Recipes: Valentine's Chocolate Strawberries

It's the little things that make Valentine's Day so special. Try making these chocolate dipped strawberries for a seductive and special Valentine's treat. See how


Events: Vivaitalia (Britalia) Club this January 2017

Vivaitalia (Formerly Britalia) - We are the group that loves all things Italian. We organise monthly aperitivos, film nights, pizza nights, gourmet delights, walks, trips and a whole lot more. Join us for our Aperos in Bordighera and Sanremo and also the monthly English Film Night in Dolceacqua. Details on Facebook - Meet Up or Website



Our Monaco reporter, Celina Lafuente de Lavotha keeps us updated with the news from the Principality - from culture to entertainment. Enjoy!

For all that's happening in Monaco and where to go, where to eat, take a look at maBoum.


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