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Anna Fill Interviews

A chat with local dentist Mauro Pegliasco... Open wide!

For many people a trip to the dentist is not something we really look forward to. In the 70s the dentist surgery was a rather scary place, resembling a chamber of horrors. But with the arrival of technology and sophisticated techniques and methods this has all thankfully changed.

We caught up with Dr Mauro Pegliasco, to find out why he chose to become a dentist, how he calms people down when he says those famous words 'Open wide'... and then what he enjoys doing in his spare time away from the surgery.

Why did you choose to become a dentist?  

Mauro: I love to work with my hands and help people resolve problems with pain. This was also a career that allowed me to be my own boss.

Where did you study and for how long?

Mauro: I studied in Genova and the whole course took 9 years. I have a degree in medicine and surgery, specialising in dentisty and some of my studies were at a university in southern California.

Where were you born? Here in Liguria?

Mauro: I was born in 1958 in Latte, which is a part of Ventimiglia and very close to the French border.

From when you started your career, what are the major changes/advancements in the profession?

Mauro: The main changes from when I started are the techniques in oral surgery and implants. I myself found that I enjoy doing surgery because the results are positive and can be life changing for some of my patients.

People usually dread going to the dentist, how do you make them feel at ease?

Mauro: I like to play relaxing music in the background and talk to my patients and explain just what to expect from their visit and the treatment. I have a monitor with pictures for them to look at and this a great way to relax them. I am even thinking of getting one of those goggles that you can watch movies while lying back.

What is your greatest passion?

Mauro: I am passionate about sport. In my spare time when the conditions are right, I like to do kite-surfing, water and snow skiing, dancing. And with my wife we enjoy spending time with our friends and family.

Where did you learn to speak English?

Mauro: I learnt to speak English at high school to start with and then I took private lessons after I met my wife who is American. I also know some French and Spanish too. English is very useful as I have many English speaking patients who live in Italy and come from France too.

Have you travelled to other countries?

Mauro: Yes to Spain, France, USA, Egypt, Canary Islands, Canada, Poland, Austria and Germany. Some of my travels are to do with work and to further my knowledge, and also for pleasure.

What are your food passions?

Being Italian and living by the sea my two favourite dishes are Gnocchi and Seafood...


Saturday, 1 April 2017    Section: Anna Fill Interviews
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