In Italy, you sometimes don't know it is happening, until it is actually happening. I did post on the Calendar about the forthcoming late night shopping event in Vallecrosia.

I did find the leaflet in many places advertising 'The First late night shopping for the sales'. The main road through Ventimiglia and Capmporosso was busy and it closed at the beginning of Vallecrosia. Knowing that it was possible that there could be a crowd, it was a good thing that I was able to get there by motorbike.

It has always been known that Italians, like any nationality love a bargain. All that could be seen was a sea of heads parading up and down the main road that had become a precinct. Shops had opened up from 9 pm and stayed open until midnight where stalls also spilled onto the pavements.

In true Italian style, a little entertainment added to the evenings ambiance.

Here's a short video clip:


There didn't seem to be any signs of a recession this evening, as one 'smalls' stand had big crowds.

One thing that becomes evident in any event on the Riviera, especially in Italy, that there is such a comfortable 'melange' of young and old that happily stroll, chat, eat ice-cream and the sound of laughter rings out, until at some point someone stands on someone's toe and the air is full of bleep bleep! Ah, you just have to love the Italians.

I didn't leave empty handed. My acquisition was a pair of sunglasses bought from a bikers shop... of couse!



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