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Here's a chance to test whether you have completely fried your brains in the hot sun this August or whether you do indeed still have the mind, wit and knowledge to tackle my fiendish Wine Quiz – the “Bacchus Boffin Battle”!   Simply e-mail me your answers ( to the following tough questions and you could win a bottle of our delectable Vilmart Grand Cellier Brut NV Chamapgne (worth 35€).

Bacchus Boffin Battle

Question 1
In Alsace the vines can be found on the lower east facing slopes of which mountain range?
A.    The Pyrenees
B.    The Alps
C.    The Jura
D.    The Vosges

Question 2
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc is from which country?
A.    Italy
B.    Australia
C.    United States
D.    New Zealand

Question 3
Malbec is the specialist grape of?
A.    Chile
B.    Austria
C.    Argentina
D.    England

Question 4
White Zinfandel is made from?
A.    Red Zinfandel Grapes
B.    White Zinfandel Grapes
C.    Chardonnay Grapes
D.    None of the above

Question 5
Which French wine region was under English control for 300 years?
A.    Alsace
B.    Champagne
C.    Bordeaux
D.    Loire

Question 6
Which country produces more cork than any other?
A.    Portugal
B.    Australia
C.    Brazil
D.    Madagascar

Question 7
Barbera is planted extensively in which region of Italy?
A.    Umbria
B.    Piedmont
C.    Abruzzo
D.    Tuscany

Question 8

What is a Solera?
A.    A system of fractional blending
B.    A hat worn by Spanish grape harvesters
C.    A grading system for wines from Portugal
D.    An instrument for measuring sugar levels

Question 9

What type of wine is Claret?
A.    Red wine from Bordeaux
B.    Wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon
C.    Red wine from Burgundy
D.    Vintage wine from Provence

And finally
Question 10
Which of the following is a famous Wine Writer?
A.    Robert Wagner
B.    Robert Robinson
C.    Robert Parker
D.    Robert Redford

Just e-mail me at with a list of the question numbers 1 to 10 and the corresponding answer you have chosen
e.g. Question 11 = B
– the highest scorer will win the delicious Grand Cellier Champagne.  If there is a tie for top score, we will simply drop the names into an ice bucket (without the ice, silly!) and pull out the winner.   Winner will be announced end of October 2009

Helen Brotherton