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One For The Money

Author Janet Evanovich
Title One For The Money
Year 1994
Contributor Wendy


Beach books are much needed in this wonderful sunshine; hot, sizzling romances, entertaining heroines, laugh aloud descriptions of entertaining, smart cookie women. You can have it all and some by reading Janet Evanovich's series, it will make you smile all summer.

The hapless and hugely funny heroine, Stephanie Plum came into my life in 1994 when Evanovich wrote the first of the cutely named numerical series 'One For The Money'. Stephanie, through a chain of bad career choices, a marriage that was one of the shortest in New Jersey history, ends up begging a job from her cousin Vinny, a local bail bond collector. The unlikely heroine ends up as a bounty hunter, having as many adventures as bad hair days.

The subsequent series, now a cliff-hanging 'Fearless Fourteen' has a huge following of women on both sides of the Atlantic. Stephanie is unably assisted in her search for the low life who jump bail by a big, blowsy black ex street walker names Lula, who has an unfortunate tendency to squeeze her ample proportions into dayglo Lycra. Lula is more of a liability than a help and her pistol packing scenes in the books have the tears streaming down my face with laughter.

The bungling antics of this pair of unlikely heroines continue to amuse the reader from book to book. The love interest is sustained throughout by the scrumptious dilemma Stephanie has trying to choose between the two hottest heroes. One of America's sexiest on page Italian policeman, Joe Morelli has been our heroine's sometime boyfriend since she was six years old and to say it's an off/off relationship is to understate. Should Stephanie heed her Mum's advice and settle down as wife of Joe and condemn herself to a life of domestic bliss? Or should she throw in her lot with the smouldering man of mystery Ranger who, although always dressed entirely in black, from fatigues to Armani, is always her knight in shining armour?

However, the star of the book is Stephanie's hilarious grandmother. Grandma Mazur steals the show every time, this old lady packs a punch, she chases men at funeral parlours and has a fearsome collection of pant suits. She reduces what should be calm family dinners to total chaos and leave me howling with laughter. It all sounds highly improbable. It is. It is also the most wonderful entertainment for everyone.

We keep the books in the family. I was introduced to Stephanie by my sister. I, in turn told my mother and my daughter; we debate them endlessly and alert each other when the latest book is due to be published. We have been avidly awaiting June 20th to read the latest - 'Finger Lickin' Fifteen'.

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