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Romantic Films

Treat yourself to a Romantic Film this February.
Click on the images for a Preview.


Love Story
by Erich Segal

A class tale of true love. A Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV, played by Ryan O'Neal, falls in love with a music student called Jennifer Cavilleri, played by  Ali MacGraw. The chemistry between them becomes an attraction that could not be ignored. Their opposite backgrounds introduce them to the usual family conflicts. But love conquers all and they marry. Unhappy with their decision, Oliver's wealthy father threatens to disown him. Jenny fails to reconcile father and son after many attempts. Oliver and Jenny continue to build their life together with the belief that through their love for each other, they will influence and persuade Oliver's family. But one of the couple develops an illness and we see the true bond of love helping them through their darkest hours.

The legendary film track became a classic piece of music known world wide, by Francis Lai.



by Bruce Joel Rubin

Featuring the late Patrick Swayze as Sam and Demi Moore as his wife, Molly, Ghost is a beautiful romantic film with a supernatural twist. Unfortunately Sam is attacked and killed but returns as the Ghost determined to find rest and justice. He is able to contact a psychic, played by the wonderful Whoopi Goldberg and together set to protect Molly who is being pursued by Sam's killer. What may appear as a traumatic film, is actually full of entertainment, romance and a feeling that although time cannot be turned back, justice prevails and the comedy outshines the tragedy.

This was a blockbuster movie in 1990.

The film features the classic track Unchained melody which became a hit for the Righteous Brothers in 1965.



Sleepless in Seattle
by Jeff Arch

This film is fun and romantic. During a talk show on a local radio station on Christmas Eve, the presenter asks her listeners to ring in their Christmas wishes and dreams. A little boy, who is tuned in from Seattle calls in with his wish. His wish is a new wife for his father who has been widowed for a year and a half. It just so happens that in another part of the States, a young beautiful woman just happens to hear the message and is smitten. Unfortunately she is already spoken for but does not love her betrothed. It is a classic love tale that has you feeling frustrated at what seems like an impossible situation. But with the two main cast members being Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, you just know that the tears you produce at the end of the film will be those of joy. Ahhh!

The film features classic music tracks by Louis Armstrong, Joe Cocker, Tammy Wynette and more. See the Soundtrack.



The Wedding Planner
by Ron Borgstedt

The Town

This film is classed as a 'Romantic comedy'. Jennifer Lopez heads the female cast and she is the first actress and singer to have a number one spot in both film and album charts in the same week. She takes the role of an ambitious, hard working wedding planner, promising nothing but spectacular results. The twist begins when she meets the man of her dreams, who unbeknown to her at the time, Dr. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) happens to be engaged to her biggest client. Oops! Oh what a tangled web we weave.  Cupid has only one arrow. It's a lightweight film with the usual scenario of '...and they all lived happily ever after'. Certainly a film for fans of Jennifer Lopez.

A terrific Original Soundtrack album of the film is available and features an array of songs from artists such as Lisa Stansfield, Sister Hazel, Olivia Newton-John and John Denver.




Notting Hill
by Richard Curtis


Notting Hill is the perfect 'pick-me-up' movie that makes you believe that dreams can come true. Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Anna Scott (Roberts) is a Hollywood actress who ends up in William's (Grant) apartment after  accidently having a drink spilt on her, in... Notting Hill, of course. Lots of confusion as the truth behind Anna's famous identity emerges. After several dates, Will is invited to her room but only to discover that her American boyfriend has made an appearance and was waiting for her in the room, leaving Will a little put out.  All the usual disappointing feelings of rejection take hold in Will. Anna who clearly has a great deal of affection for Will, aims to kiss and make up. Comes complete with  media mayhem for extra drama.

The Soundtrack features: Al Green, Ronan Keeting, Shenia Twain, Lighthouse Family and more.

Feature contributed by The Riviera Woman on January 31, 2011 at 11:45 am.

Comment from Joyce on February 3, 2011 at 4:24 pm:
Pride and Prejudice for me is a superb romantic film, only because it stars Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Well it wasn't a film but a series but still makes me weak at the knees.
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