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Les Chats du Mercantour 3

If I come back in another life, I shall come back as a cat. Not just just any old cat though. I’ll return as a cat that is fortunate enough to live in Leslie Frasier’s cat sanctuary, high in the Mercantour.

Not content with running a unique association which finds, neuters and fosters stray cats, Leslie is building her dream on the banks of a slow flowing river surrounded by mountains and so far populated by walnut trees. Leslie has purchased a tumble down grange with accompanying land and has for the past months been planning  and persuading the local authorities to allow her to start building her cat sanctuary.

Le Grange

The cats will be free to roam, but dependent on the state in which they first appear, they will be acclimatised slowly. Their shelters are already being planned, and I have to say, they sound better than my house, with under floor heating and all mod-cons!

The welfare of cats is paramount to Leslie. When Anna & I visited last month we were astounded at her enthusiasm and dedication. With a background in veterinary medicine, Leslie is admirably qualified to know what is best for animals. Persuading others is not so easy and Leslie constantly battles through red tape and old fashioned farmers prejudices. Undaunted she cuts a swathe through and gives tirelessly of her time and resources.

Anna & I were delighted to see how the cat sanctuary is progressing and we will continue to update. However, Leslie’s ambitious, and much needed venture required a great deal of money and any donations will be very gratefully accepted. It is for such a good cause. One which, if you have read the previous related articles, I hold dear, as I have two of the rescue cats. I expect if they hear of the new cat sanctuary they’ll be packing their bags and booking in.

Leslie marks the spot for the sanctuary

Please, if you can, donate to Leslie’s Association Des Chats du Mercantour.



or telephone Leslie on 06 18 94 35 76 or 04 93 02 33 41  


Leslie is very keen to hear from anyone who can help by adopting or fostering kittens and adult cats. They will be sterilized, tattooed, tested and de-wormed. Ring or Email today!

Feature contributed by Wendy on September 14, 2009 at 4:57 pm.

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