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Edyta Grzegorczyk

As I strolled through the streets of the beautiful town of Taormina in Sicily, I stumbled upon one of the many side streets leading off the main walkway of 'Corso Umberto'. Hanging on the outer walls were sculptures and paintings to lure the passing eye. The display certainly caught my inquisitive nature and I made my way up the stair way to meet the artist and sculptor Edyta Grzegorczyk.


One of the first things Edyta said to me was that she felt so fortunate in being able to wake up every morning and feel inspired and full of excitement for what the day may bring.

Edyta Grzegorczyk was born in Poland and started her artistic journey in the early 1990's. She studied and researched majolica art and then formed her own modern tecniques. A tale of true unconditional love brought her to the town of Taormina in Sicily, where she married.

Full of passion, Edyta modestly talks to me in perfect Italian about her work as a painter and sculptor. She creates unique pieces of contemporary objects that have swarms of visitors eager to take home a piece of her art couture, which in truth very much resembles the artist herself: uncomplicated yet mystical, stylish and very beautiful.

She finds true harmony at work and is able to completely immerse herself daily into creating more and more pieces for her boutique that she opened a year ago in 2010. "No two pieces can ever be the same, and that is what excites me".

"Everyone looks at my work in a different way", she tells me. "I have my own interpretations when I create each of the pieces, it is a capture of the moment, of what I am feeling at that time but I leave it to you to form your own connection. There is no right or wrong way in how you view the figurines and everyone sees the 'Love'.

Edyta has been commissioned by enthusiasts and institutions locally and abroad to create works of art.

Here we see a piece she created for the local community.


As I was about to leave, Edyta gave me one of her pieces, a rose she had sculptured. My own interpretations of the blue rose are - Unique, gentle, detailed and yet not complicated, showy but not revealing, needy but not demanding... Mmm... Could that be me!


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Feature contributed by ANNA FILL on April 24, 2011 at 3:40 pm.

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