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People and Places

Carl Warner - Good Enough To Eat

It was certainly a pleasure to meet the British artist and photographer Carl Warner at the Carré Doré art gallery in Monaco where he was participating in the exhibition 'Taste of Art'. In brief he told me that his work received world wide recognition after his images used on newspaper websites found themselves in emails which went viral. It certainly sounds like a true case of serendipity and the importance of people power.

Carl started his career as an artist but chose to follow the more immediate snapping art form of photography. And so the world of Carl Warner began...

Carl Warner successfully established himself as a still life photographer building food master pieces titled 'Foodscapes' used in advertising and on television in commercials.

Entire sets are constructed using food, playing on the imagination and good humour of his viewers. Trickery? Maybe... but all in good fun a wonderful way to introduce art to the masses. He points me to a photograph hanging in the gallery and tells of how someone came up to him and said 'Great photo, I've been there...' In return he smiled and replied to the happy chappie 'Are you sure? Look closer at the photograph.'

This photograph which you can see below is a landscape fabricated 100% of food. Slithers of salmon take on the impression of the sea and also featured are complementing helpings of potatoes, parsley and bread... Anyone for dinner?

A great deal of technique is applied to achieve the perfect result. Carl skillfully stages each scene in order to capture the one shot that makes all the hard work worth while. This is often done in stages or layers. It has been known for him to agonise in supermarkets, luring over pieces of vegetable or fruit... He's an artist and entitled to be weird! When you see the outcome, it all becomes justifiably clear.

My personal message to Carl Warner... "Please if you create another scene resembling the one below using chocolate... I will, with absolute pleasure volunteer to be part of your clean up team". Yum!

Video Shows how the chocolate scene was created

To know more about his work and buy a copy of his book, visit Carl Warner's website:

Images from the exhibition at Carré Doré Art Gallery can be seen on:

Saturday, 12 November 2011    Section: People and Places    Author: Anna Fill
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