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Art and Artists

Within These Walls

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... For local artist Olivia H. Brazier, all things old hold magic and intrigue. The desire to take aspects of the past and breathe into them new life, is her mission. A more fitting place to exhibit, she could not have chosen. The Castello is situated in the beautiful village of Apricale, Italy. Olivia tells me that through her work, she feels the need to capture moments in time and to expose the locked up secrets buried within walls. "If walls could speak, what would they reveal? What do they know? What have they seen?"...

Broken Time

The exhibition titled 'Passage Of Time' features a series of paintings and a striking glass installation. There is a contemporary feel to her work, so honest with a real rustic edge. For this exhibition Olivia has used recycled materials: wood and glass and adds dimension by incorporating acrylic paints, plaster, tissue paper, wax and glue. To enhance it's impression of age, the use of a blow torch gives authenticity and depth by scorching and scarring the surface. Hues of soft greys and warm whites reveal hidden secrets. Ponder and you will discover deep tales and hidden truths.

Creating her glass feature happened as a result of circumstance and opportunity... and born was this beautiful and delicate sculpture.

"Beauty is not about perfection" she tells me. "And age holds the mysteries of life!"

Olivia, from Menton is studying Fine Art in London. Her fascination for walls came during renovation works at the family home. Beneath the surfaces escaped tales of days gone by. Markings on the walls confimed that the house had once been an orphanage and there resided a Jewish Rabbi. Revelations such as these were the catalyst to why Olivia devotes her time to this artistic style.


For more photos, visit The Riviera Woman Facebook Page - Passage Of Time

Tuesday, 23 July 2013    Section: Art and Artists
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