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People and Places

Artist Of The Month - Martine Martel

Martine Martel was born in Belgium and studied painting in private art schools in Ghent and Brussels from an early childhood. Martine was inspired by the Belgian masters of Modern Art and turned professional when she moved permanently to Monaco.

Martine Martel describes her work as Aspirational Art to be inspired by the infinite skies and sea, allowing escapism from the harsh realities of today’s world, and in contrast to the prevailing trends in contemporary art.

Martine works with oil on canvas, applied in a smooth texture in an apparent quest to soften the rough edges of contemporary life and its human drama. Her gossamer-thin glazes, layered in subtle variations of hues, alternately evoke the infinite depth of the universe or the rich translucency of stained glass. In effect, the bright Mediterranean light is IN the colour and dominates Martine’s work. Currently Martine Martel also creates luminous artistic photographs from her oil paintings that she then edits as originals or publishes in small web-numbered and -registered limited series.

In Martine's own words: “The infinite sea and skies, the sun, the moon, and the stars are recurrent subjects in my work. Their ever-changing vistas from my high-perched city studio are an endless source of inspiration. Depicting them is to me a cathartic act that brings me serenity and solace.

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Here are 3 of The Riviera Woman's favourites from Martine Martel collection.

Website: Martine Martel

Photo of Martine by Renée Chabot

Wednesday, 1 April 2015    Section: People and Places
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