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Health and Beauty

Meditation to be Zen

By Anette Shine
Fitness and Yoga Expert

You can meditate anywhere. However meditation in nature is the best place of all, as that’s where we recharge ourselves.

Ideal meditation times are in the morning, just after you wake up and then again in the evening, either before your dinner or right before sleep to clear yourself of the impressions from the day.

Time: 15-20 minutes are recommended, just set the timer and sit there for that period of time, no matter what happens inside your head.

It’s better to sit up straight than to lie down, as you might fall asleep. You can place your fingers into CHIN MUDRA (index and thumb in touch, also known as the “seal of wisdom” or Jnana mudra) OR just relax your hands facing upward, as a sign of open and receptiveness.

First you place your physical body into a comfortable position, so you won’t be distracted, then you close your eyes and start breathing through your nose, calmer and deeper. Just observe your breath. Be aware of your thoughts. Watch them come and go. It is perfectly normal to have thoughts coming up, especially when you first start out. The thing is not to follow them and get emotional, but to let them drift away like clouds on a clear blue sky. Keep trying to go deeper. As you become calmer, you will be able to “transcend” – go beyond the thoughts - into a higher state of consciousness. The purpose of meditation is to bring us into contact with source. Being one with source. 

Meditation is not the same as praying or visualization. You can start out by praying or visualizing your dreams, then go into meditation afterwards.


There are many ways to meditate, so do search to find the right one for you. I will give you two different ones. 

1) A traditional yogic meditation named SOHAM can be practiced this way (either silently or out loud on 2 notes, the first note higher than the second one) On the inhalation think or chant “SO” (which means “this”) and on the exhalation think/chant “HAM” (meaning “I am”) Feel the peace it brings you. 

2) Another meditation is to meditate on your heart. This means: Bring your attention to your heart. First relax your heart consciously. Then imagine you breathe golden white light into your heart and when you exhale imagine you let go of anything that doesn’t serve you, as a way of purifying yourself. Just stay with your heart. Expand your capacity to love unconditionally and cultivate compassion. 

Meditation brings us profound peace & health. It is the ultimate stress-management, as it regulates not only our physical body’s functions, but also gives us a clear mind and joy.

People who meditate a lot are happier, more confident and serene. Their eyes glow. Why not try it?
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Friday, 1 May 2015    Section: Health and Beauty    Author: Anette Shine
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