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Health and Beauty

How long is long enough when testing a skincare product

By Lisa Haiden

Whenever you start using a new skin product you want to see the result as soon as possible. But the more patient you’ll be the better for you. Although you may use a cream or lotion for months it may not work properly and the way you wanted. Using a collagen face cream may help you keep your skin youthful but you need to choose which one is the best for you. So, how long is long enough when testing a skincare product? This is kind of question that interest anyone who changes her skincare products time to time. Keep on reading to get the answer to this question.

The General Rule

Generally, one needs to wait at least a month to see the result of the utilized product. Although it’s a long time but there is a good reason for it. According to skincare experts the complete benefit of skin creams will not be visible until a full cycle of skin-cell turnover takes place. It actually takes a month and requires patience. If you won’t see an improvement or a noticeable change after a month, throw the product away. But keep in mind that there are expectations too. Check them out below!

Anti-Acne Products

When it comes to anti-acne products one understands that it’s not a simple process to get rid of them. It takes time but how long? Compared with most skincare procedures anti-acne products should show a slight improvement after just one week. If you don’t see any change, then you probably use the wrong product. Different people respond differently to anti-acne treatments. A lot depends on your skin type too. So, you must pick the right product according to your skin state and type. You’d better consult with a professional expert before taking the first step.

Skin-Lightening Products

If you choose skin-lightening products instead of natural mask then you need to make sure it works better than natural treatments. Of course, many of us trust OTC skin-lightening products of high-quality. Again, it can take weeks, if not months to give you the best level of whiting needed for your skin. But you shouldn’t wait that long. Instead you can use products that contain hydroquinone and kojic acid and see the improvement after just a few days. It’s pointless to continue applying the chosen skin-lightening product if it doesn’t work after a month.


Antioxidants may confuse you as there is not a particular period of time that will tell you it’s the right product for you. These are mainly anti-aging products that can take even years to see if they really work. Antioxidants, like green tea and vitamin E take a long time to do their job while vitamin C works better and quicker. It can be reflected within a week.


Retinoids are usually used to prevent wrinkles and reduce those you already have. You should always go after the best over the counter wrinkle cream. They work very slowly and but you can see some slight results after 4 weeks. And although some products tend to work quicker, give them all a month before giving upon using them. Keep patience and you’ll notice the result.

Thursday, 1 June 2017    Section: Health and Beauty
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