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General Articles

Advantage Miss Fill.

A recent acquisition at a well known fashion boutique gave me my first opportunity to use those frightful words 'C'est le loi'...

Not having my glasses to hand, and seeing that the garment I had chosen was sitting on a rail with 50% mark downs, I thought the price was actually €12.50. When I approached the counter to pay, I was a little surprised to here the assistant say 'Dix-sept euro cinquante s'il vous plaît, madame'.

I don't really know who looked more surprised. I at hearing a sum I was not expecting to hear or the assistant on seeing my reaction. I mean it was hardly a phenomenal sum or one to break the bank. Before I could actually say anything, the assistant, who was more than polite told me that it was impossible for the price to be €10.50 with a 30% discount. Indeed she was absolutely correct. I hadn't actually noticed the 30% discount mark, only the price hand written on the ticket and having seen it on the 50% discount rack... my assumptions were already made up.

What did surprise me and I still have to pinch myself to believe that it actually happened and thus recording it in cyber space to prove that it did happen, was the fact that the supervisor who was close by intervened before I actually opened my mouth and insisted that I was well within my rights to purchase said garment for said €10.50 because it was their error and it was... wait for it... 'Le Loi'! I was absolutely stunned and in my amazement I could hear myself mumbling 'Oui, c'est le loi...'. Indeed it is the law but I just did not expect the boutique to give in with out a fight. Oh me with little faith!

Result! It was a glorious sunny day and believe me the sun shone a little brighter as I walked away with my small purchase and a voucher for a 15% discount on future purchases and a cheerful 'Bientôt' to send me on my way... I love living here!

Was it all worth it? Dead right it was: 'C'est le principe!' It's the principal...

Sunday, 16 January 2011    Section: General Articles
Article tags: shopping law prices
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