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Art and Artists

Featured Artist: Laura Mancini

A recent visit to the Medieval village of Bussana Vecchia introduced me to artist Laura Mancini. Laura uses a technique, a way of painting that she had learnt from her father and it is difficult not to be impressed.

You can find Laura at her studio 'Artitude', N.23. Via San Francesco D'Assisi. In true artist style fashion, as you enter the studio you will see works mounted on the wall, laying on the floor and some as work 'in progress'.

I was drawn to the colourful workbench full of pots of paint and brushes. On seeing my enthusiasm, Laura asks if I would like to see a demonstration of how she creates her paintings... "Oh yes please!"

It all starts with a blank sheet of card which Laura adds the first layer of paint... black. Using small rollers she then introduces streaks of colour, gliding back and forth in what appeared to me to be a rather simple thing to do. Every stroke, however, is deliberate. But Laura made it look so very easy and I did wonder if I could do it?

As she built the layers of colour, Laura tells me that the technique she is using is one that was created by her father Francesco Mancini, also an artist, and he had taught her this style and way of painting. 

It certainly is quite a unique way of producing art and although it may seem that she is creating similar pieces, each one is entirely different. It's the devil in the detail which is inspired by the moment and how the artist is feeling.

In less than 5 minutes I became the proud owner of a bespoke piece of artwork... So to answer a previous thought: "There is no way on this planet that I could do that!"


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Sunday, 29 October 2017    Section: Art and Artists
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