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Super Times

Super Times

And so... here we are folks, the final month of the year! The 12 months of 2017 are almost over and how do we reflect on the year gone by?

Hopefully we will be able to look back on the year with fond memories and recall celebrated milestones and achievements. We had a super spring, a scorching summer, a sizzling autumn and now it seems that we are in for a snowy winter! As we enter December, make a note to look out for will the final Super Moon of the year which will visible on 3rd December. This moon is known as a "Full Cold Moon" and will be the brightest and fullest moon of the year.

For me, along with the good times came some challenging times too... but out of adversity came prosperity - a richness that money simply cannot buy: friendship, love, opportunity and a new strength. But the memories I will take through to 2018 will be the ones that gave me reason to smile - the times I shared with family and friends... and thank you for making our summer house party a challenge to beat next year - and we will certainly try! Watch this space!

As we kiss goodbye to 2017, here's to embracing 2018 with open arms and to new Super Times in the making... Here's to creating great new memories...

"And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy,
and your eyes sparkling." ~ Shanti

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a New Year that is kind, full of promise, adventure and lots of laughter!

Anna Fill - Consultant, Counsellor, Celebrant: +39 339 724 8538


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Event: PWN Monaco: Join Cindy Egolf on Thursday 14th December in Monaco for the last inspirational lunch of the year... Full details


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