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General Articles

Dreams For Children

Mothers - Dreams for their Children.

Fifty three mothers representing 8 European countries, Japan, the United States and Canada responded to a survey for Mothers conducted at the beginning of January of this year.

The survey was conducted by Esprit Seminars and Wisdom in Action International. These two training and coaching companies have long experience of working with professional women. The survey results were the starting point of a series of workshops called “Mothers-Champions of Change” designed to create a community and support Mothers by sharing tools and tactics to make the job easier.

“What are 2 dreams you have for your child?” was one of the ten questions on the survey the purpose of which was to find out what moms really wish for their children and how they might best help achieve this.

The responses to the “dream” question were far from what one could have expected. There seemed to be an enormous gap between the widespread perception of parenting today and what the real desires of mothers for their children were.

On the surface, the routines of today’s families seem to convey a set of values and goals that are very career and success driven. All one has to do is take time to watch some of today’s Mothers (and Dad’s) daily rituals that start with the frantic dropping off and picking up from school. The day then proceeds with mothers racing their offspring to sports practices, play dates, language lessons, horseback riding, theater groups, private tutoring and even harp lessons for my seven year old neighbour who diligently practices from 5 pm till 6 pm most evenings. The day packed with educational and cultural activities doesn’t end there. Cracking the books with homework awaits the little ones as they run their last lap of after school activities.

For bystanders witnessing the above circus, the message to the newer generations seem to ring out loud and clear, “Be smart, be successful and be the best!”, or does it?

Fifty three survey responses later, Mothers from around the world proved that appearances are deceiving. Being happy and healthy, leading a balanced life, to love and to be loved, were the dreams shared by most survey participants. Only 2 mothers mentioned the word “success” when speaking of dreams for their children. No one mentioned wealth, power or “being smart or intelligent”.

We wanted to share with you these touching statements of dreams that could only come from a Mother’s heart. We have chosen a selection of responses, and parts of responses, that represents the sentiments of most of the mothers surveyed. Note: The English was kept in its original format and was not corrected. Below are their dreams in their own words.


- “love deeply and be loved deeply”

- “to live a healthy life, to and to live it while thriving and loving it with a passion”

- “that she be encouraged to be brave. That she be open to new experiences"

- “that he will be happy and able to make a contribution”

- “to be happy and relaxed”

- “to discover himself through knowledge of culture and people"

- “travel the world”

- “that he grow up to be his best self”

- “that they will know how to dream and have the courage, belief and tenacity to fulfill them.”

- “to become a balanced and open minded person"

- “to find true love”

- “to have a job she loves”

- “find a profession that really suits their dreams and abilities"

- “well mannered, well educated”

- “to develop self esteem”

- “to listen to his own deeper needs”

- “to be secure - to "fit well in her skin"

- “that it may live a good life, that will bring blessing to it and the people it will meet.”

- “to find their dream in their soul and have the courage and confidence to go for it"

- “ not be afraid to try something new and to learn by every hardship that comes there way. Although, hard I always feel there is a lesson to be learned.”

- “be happy having found what they were made for


Who could doubt the dreams for our children are the real dreams we have for ourselves?


The first workshops of the “Mothers-Champions of Change” series will take place on Thurs. March 31th or Sat. April 2nd at the Hotel Vendome, Nice.
For more information visit the website:
Or contact:
Deborah D’Alessandro -
Photini Pappas -


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Monday, 14 February 2011    Section: General Articles
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