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The Future is...

The Future Is...

Here we are January 2019 and I am once again, traditionally late with my Newsletter... I have no doubt that now all the festivities are just about over, many will still be ploughing through your email boxes which are full of messages of good will and happy greetings.

Seeing as this newsletter talks about the future, I thought it best to hang on a little bit longer and prevent being binned along with the events of the past.

I really do enjoy Januarys! It is a month usually full of optimism and good intentions where we make promise to ourselves and then gather pace in order to put all our dreams into action. It is also a positive time to plan the months ahead as we begin to look forward to longer, brighter and warmer days, which definitely inspire us further!

Without doubt it is a very strange time on a global level, so how do we stay motivated and charged to take on the challenges? No-one can really predict the future but if we arm ourselves with a good plan to start with, we do stand a great chance of reaching the goals we set.

So if the question is 'The Future Is... What?'... How would you reply?

If you Google the question there are a number of answers: The future is now, The future is bright, The future is ours, The future is female, The future is accessible...

For me: The future, without a doubt, is unwritten!

Whilst we seek to look forward, it is our past that determines our future but our past does not define who we are but can be the stepping stone and the building blocks to who we wish to become.

"Never stop dreaming!"

So I say, whatever your plans are, make them realistic and don't give up after the first fall. Hurdles are there to help challenge us to grow. And probably one of the best things you can do, is to surround yourself with people who encourage you, support you and love you!

I look forward to making 2019 a very special year and so far.... so very very good!

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