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General Articles

Home cooking for your pets

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Animal Training and Behavioural management through Positive Reinforcement with Victoria Morris.

"I am passionate about working with all animals and helping owners to develop that all important bond with their pets. My primary aim is to improve the welfare of all animals I work with through successful animal management, including the application of training and an effective enrichment schedule, just to name a few of those all important areas of your pet's life!! 

All of the methods I use are kind, ethical and effective based on sound science and focusing on positively shaping behaviour. 

I truly believe a trained pet is a happy pet so come on and join in with the fun!! Happy Training!!"


Making food at home for your doggy can be great, using foods like sweet potatoes, broccoli, courgettes, sardines in olive oil and liver.

Sweet potatoes are very good for doggies as well as us. They are a great ant-inflammatory, great source of dietary fiber, low in fat and full of minerals and also makes the ideal healthy treat due to their sweetness.

Sardines are wonderful and high in Omega 3's plus liver is nutrient rich including Vitamin B, Iron and also contains Omega 3's and much more.

Giving your doggies greens also can help boost energy levels and the immune system.

If you did want to opt for a natural diet for your dog you can chat with your vet for advise on properly balancing all these ingredients to make the perfect balanced meals for your canine companion.

Victoria is available for consultation

Tel: +33 (0)6 13 93 57 99

Friday, 1 February 2019    Section: General Articles
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