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Anna Fill Interviews

December 2009

Welcome to The Riviera Woman Chatroom.
For this last video programme of 2009 we set up in the Hotel Vendôme,
a friendly and comfortable hotel in the centre of Nice, to chat about the New Year
and the resolutions we make to go with it.
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In the Chatroom this month are:

Anna Fill

Anna Fill is Editor and founder of The Riviera Woman. To her falls the mostly enjoyable task of running the website, with the whole-hearted support of the members of the site to whom we owe so many thanks.

Wendy York

Wendy York joined us earlier this year with a background in teaching and writing, to become co-editor of The Riviera Woman. If this seemed like a soft option at the time it has turned out to be far from that, as the website has grown rapidly over the summer and now demands full-time attention.

Kim Defforge

Kim owns and runs Finesse Concierge Services. She is a 'can-do' woman and is also part of the Esprit Seminars team.

Deborah D'Alessandro

Deborah D'Alessandro of Esprit Seminars. Deborah runs career workshops for women and features on our advice panel answering questions related to careers and personal development.

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Today's chat was about New Year Resolutions; do we make them and if so, do we keep them? If you have views on the subject and are a registered member of The Riviera Woman you can add a comment in the box below. Alternatively you can send a message to us through our Contact Us page or by email to


The Top 10 New Year Resolutions:


1. Spend More Time With Friends & Family.

2. Fit In Fitness.

3. Tame The Bulge.

4. Quit Smoking.

5. Enjoy Life More.

6. Quit Drinking.

7. Get Out of Debt.

8. Learn Something New.

9. Help Others.

10. Get Organised.




Friday, 18 December 2009    Section: Anna Fill Interviews
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