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Hello. My name is Anna Fill and I welcome you to my website. If you’re a woman living or working on the Riviera or if you are just visiting, this is the place for you. My site is full of inspirational people and interesting articles, so keep coming back and let us help you live your Riviera life to the full!

PS Men: don’t feel left out; you are very welcome here too!

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Anna Fill Interviews


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For the first Chatroom of 2011 we met at Brittain's Restaurant in Valbonne

Here are our Chatroom panelists this month. See also the article that accompanies this Chatroom feature:

Multitasking Madness.

Anna Fill

Anna Fill is Editor and founder of The Riviera Woman. She has a background in media entertainments and radio as a presenter and producer. Multitasking is her middle name!

Deborah D'Alessandro

Alison Rentoul is a Life Coach and runs Riviera Coaching. She specialises in getting people focused and on to a road to success. For Alison, multitasking equals organisation.

Liz Taege

Liz Taege is a professional Chef and Mother. Liz owns Yacht Chef International where she also runs chef training courses. This is one successful multitasking lady.

Chris France

Chris France is the local representative for Currencies Direct. He is also a keen blogger and a former music promoter but never at the same time. Chris insists that multitasking is a myth... mmm!
Saturday, 29 January 2011    Section: Anna Fill Interviews
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