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Anna Fill Interviews

Elizabeth Wessel

Elizabeth Wessel Interview

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Fashion Designer and Portrait Painter
We all have dreams and passions of things we would like to achieve but some of us start earlier than others. This was the case for Elizabeth Wessel. From the tender age of six, she decided that when she grew up, she would become involved in the world of fashion. Much of the thanks or 'fault' as Elizabeth recalls with fondness, is credited to her mother who introduced her to fashion shows and the world of couture.
Elizabeth Wessel who is of Danish and Chilean origin can also claim to be English, thanks to her grandmother Daisy, who in fact inspired her latest collection for this Autumn and Winter season, 2010/2011. Childhood memories of an secret English garden by the sea gave birth to this new collection, which Elizabeth titled 'In An English Garden'.
It was a pleasure for me to represent the collection with an English presentation before the fashion show began. I caught up with Elizabeth Wessel after the Fashion Show which was held at the venue Black Legend, in Monaco.

Photographs by Anna Fill

Other photographs by Pascale Digeaux

Elizabeth Wessel Fashion Show

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Friday, 24 September 2010    Section: Anna Fill Interviews
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