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General Articles

Things happen... No rhyme, no reason.

Every now and again in life things happen... and how many times do we hear those words "things happen for a reason". Well... it may be a little more or less complicated than that depending on how you view the situation.

Let's explore some situations...

If you find that you have no electricity at home, it is more likely that you may have forgotten to pay your electricity bill and so yes, the reason is pretty easy to understand.

Another example...

If you suddenly find that you can no longer make calls from your mobile phone or be able to surf the net, it is probably because you haven't renewed your credits. Once again the reason is pretty simple to understand.

However there are times in life when something out of our control happens where there appears to be no rhyme or reason, or logic... cruel or otherwise. In this case 'things happen...' - they just do!

Examples: Accidents happen... A tragedy occurs... Someones job comes to an end... Pressures at work...

Things just happen... What is important is how we deal with what has happend, how we cope and how we move forward. The fault may be important in certain cases but the personal investment is in how we empower the situation. The blame game really is futile. It may resolve immediate feelings of despair but in the long run nothing changes, as whatever has happened will still be of issue. 

Part of dealing with trauma or a personal crisis of any kind is acceptance and acknowledgement that there is a situation which is not making you feel as happy as you should be. Coming to terms with anything is one of the hardest things to do and only you can do that. But when you 'accept' it can be such a relief. This move is a great sign of strength not weakness, so don't be hard on yourself. It really is such a milestone and a positive step to moving forward, healing and making headway. 

So what happens next?

Seeking the help of someone is not a sign of failure either but again a way of you saying "I want to fix this in the best way possible...". If you have a leaky tap, you call a plumber. Have you ever tried to fix a tap and made things worse? If you pull a muscle in your leg, the advice you will hear is to go and see a physiotherapist.

We invest in our bodies and in looking our best: by eating well, doing yoga, running, and investing in quality products but we don't always give the same attention to our minds. Our brain is a muscle and every now and again things can get a little tangled up and there is a feeling of brain overload. Many of us do not take enough down time to allow ourselves to recharge and we push ourselves mentally to the point when one day we feel as though we just can't cope. The solution may be simple and a chat with someone who is not in your world, can often see things a little clearer. Have you ever blown things out of proportion? When we become stressed we can't always see things as clear as we normally do.

Even if a situation does not heal quickly, that's fine too. Every step forward is a step in the right direction. A pulled leg muscle can take quite a few treatments before it feels great again and so it is the same with our feelings and emotions. Our minds are responsible for our entire body and has a lot to deal with, so give it all the time it needs. Talking to someone can help you to be able to channel and control different kinds of emotions: fear, anger, despair, sadness. All of these are quite normal and talking things through can help to re-balance the mind, get things into proportion and giving you the ability to cope and handle all kinds of situations. No matter how big or small you believe your issue to be, be kind to yourself and don't be afraid to reach out. Tackle it and triumph over it!

Be fit in mind as well as body! You'll be pleased you did!

If you ever wish to talk, then I will listen. You can rest assured that there is 100% discretion at all times and everything shared will be in strictest confidence. You are welcome to contact me any time.

Thursday, 30 November 2017    Section: General Articles
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