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General Articles

International Women's Day - Women in Action

For decades since the 1900s we have been celebrating the achievements of the women who put their lives on the line, literally, for our well-being and rights to equality. Organisations, charities and governments through collaboration have all acknowledged that 8th March is a day of great significance.

"As long as women continue to recognise International Women's Day as a day
of importance - the work for gender equality is not done and must continue."

Great steps in tackling inequalities have been made and are still being made. Recent revelations of gender abuse and discrimination have emerged and we are confronting it at eye level. The breaking news of the machinations of Harvey Weinstein could be considered a godsend for targeting the spotlight on what still needs to be conquered and where we need to focus our energy. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are leading the way giving birth to a new wave of activists who are not afraid to stand up and say "No more"...

Recently even the BBC hit the headlines when one of their very own women resigned owing to the question of pay. Carrie Gracie, journalist and China Editor, did not feel it was right that her fellow male colleagues were being paid more for doing the same role and her action is once again bringing to the forefront the ongoing story of gender pay discrimination. "I could not stay silent anymore..." said Carrie Gracie.

We must never forget the incredible efforts of Emmeline Pankhurst and all the suffragettes who set the gender equality ball rolling, but there is no room for complacency. We continue to give thanks to all the strong women, whether they are in business or not, in the political playing field or not, but who are still campaigning on behalf of all women to have a fair and equal platform and a right to voice.

The responsibility however, lies with all of us. Parents, teachers, media, everyone... we are all key players in how we shape our gender future, to become a society proud of our sense of fair play. Plant the seeds not tomorrow but today and nurture a new generation of men and women who will rid the inequalities that have plagued us in the past.

My 5 A's to Action:

Awareness means nothing without Action - We raise awareness about gender issues but we then need Action.

Accomplishment needs Action - To accomplish great things we need Action.

Achievements are a result of Action - To achieve the desired results we need Action.

Agreements need to be followed up by Action - It is great to have an agreement but it must be followed up by Action.

We say no to Aggression but yes to more Action.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018    Section: General Articles
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