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To pastures new...

To pastures new...

Sometimes things happen in life and we are not really sure why? I believe that there is a time and a place for everything and when new opportunities come your way, they should be seized and relished. This is happening to me right now and I am feeling very excited about a new direction in my life.

The Riviera Woman has been a part of me for over 10 years and I am forever grateful to the opportunities she has given me and more so, the people I have met and many who I now call my friends. But I have reached a moment when I have the need to spread my wings and evolve.

In order to grow as people, knowledge is the key and changes have to be made in order to gain that knowledge. I have decided to fly to pastures new. The destination will be 'home'... You could say that my signature question has been 'Where do you call home?' For me home is the place where I feel inspired, where I feel motivated and where people make me smile - so to add to the ambiguity home will be here, there and everywhere. Like a pop-up shop, you never know where I am going to be next. But one thing guaranteed is that I will continue to keep my head in the clouds and my feet firmly on the ground.

There are many things in life we cannot control, but equally so many we can. I choose the latter option and will take control and do the things I want to do... because I can. We forget how lucky we are to have choices and I am grateful to be able to seize this moment and make it my own.

I have no doubt I will see you around, just not sure where and when but with social media and the likes, no-one is ever that far away!

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You can have the wedding of your dreams! Together we will create the ceremony with personalised moments that you will hold precious forever. This is your day and everything is possible. Visit my website.

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