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Every morning when I wake up and open my eyes... I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. There really is so much to be grateful for. Grateful for the past and present.... and what is yet to come.

The force and strength you receive from having feelings of gratitude, is a life changer. When you really, really feel grateful, the game is on your side and you can achieve anything you want to...  It's as simple as that.

When we are going through those moments of self doubt which we all go through from time to time, we should turn our thoughts to grass roots level. Start by asking yourself what it is you need, instead of 'I want this and I want that...' Find out what it is you actually need. No-one owes you a happy life, you are in control of that. Happiness comes from within and if you think of your body as your boat... and your mind the engine, and as the captain, you have a duty to yourself and those around you to steer yourself into safe waters.

The next time you feel a little challenged, stop, reflect and take a good look around you. Make a note of all that you have and of everything you have achieved. You will soon come to realise that you have so much and have accomplished great things. And I have no doubt that you will start to feel so grateful for everything you have.

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life" ~ Melody Beattie

Wishing you a December full of gratitude!

In this final newsletter of 2018, I would like to express my gratitude to: Judy Churchill, Alex Sutcliffe, Sarah Swan, Melanie Gulliver, Tracy Leonetti and Celina Lafuente de Lavotha for contributing to The Riviera Woman. Your articles are a source of inspiration and I look forward to sharing more of them in 2019.

Anna Fill: Wedding Celebrant and Event Coordinator

You can have the wedding of your dreams! Together we will create the ceremony with personalised moments that you will hold precious forever. This is your day and everything is possible. Visit my website.

Anna Fill Interviews: Crina Alexandra Georgescu

Crina Alexandra Georgescu is dedicated to her 'furry kids'. Crina created Negri's Place to house the dogs that she has rescued and keeps them safe until they are adopted. I am grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Crina. Read more

Melanie Gulliver: Apple, Plum and Prune Pan Crumble

Apple, Plum and Prune Pan Crumble - Vegan, Dairy free and can easily be Gluten Free. Make use of all the seasonal fruits and enjoy this wonderful fruitilicious dessert. See how

Alex Sutcliffe: Winter Break in Marrakech

With easyjet offering regular direct flights between Nice and Marrakech, this exotic Moroccan city is now easily accessible, and makes for an exciting winter break, as Alex Sutcliffe discovers. Read more

Sarah's Vignettes: None So Blind by Alis Hawkins

Sarah Swan just loves to read books, books and more books. This time Sarah has chosen to feature: None So Blind and it’s the first in a series by Alis Hawkins. Read more

Judy Churchill: How to Survive Christmas – Five tips that actually work

You may have on your bookshelf one of those humorous, long-winded books on how to survive Christmas. They make a good read but they don’t really work... So for Judy Churchill's last article of 2018 her Christmas gift to us all is to help us to SIMPLIFY the process by sharing her five top personal tips that she finds actually work. Read more

Health and Wellness: Fresh Ginger a Winter Benefit

It's the time of year when the chilly weather brings on the colds and flu. Instead of reaching out for the medicine cabinet, why not look at using fresh ginger which has wonderful medicinal properties. Read more

Fashion: Silver Magic - Party Fashion

Celina Lafuente de Lavotha: Overcoming obstacles to have an education.

Within the framework of the Universal Children’s Day, students from public and private institutions, under the leadership of Isabelle Bonnal, Director National Education, Youth and Sports of Monaco, had the opportunity to watch the documentary On the Way to School, and meet film Director Pascal Pilsson. Celina Lafuente de Lavotha reports. Read more

People & Places: A hundred years and counting. Women and the future.

As women move forward and continue to campaign for equality, how are we doing? One hundred years ago women challenged the male dominated system and went to great lengths that lead to the platform we now have today... Read more

Confessions of a Celebrant - Anna Fill

Do you really know what a Celebrant is or what a Celebrant does? Let me tell you what it means to me and explain what I do in my role of Celebrant. I will share with you my beliefs and my mission... Read more


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