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Love is in the air - Will you marry me?

On Valentine's Day there will be a lot of people popping one particular question....

"Will you marry me"!

It's a wonderful day dedicated to romance and roses, and some will even receive a little sparkly number in the form of a ring, which will no doubt represent the beginning of a very beautiful journey. From the moment you say 'I will...'  there begins the first day of you creating your dreams!

This is where it all gets very exciting. There are so many ways for you to celebrate the day of your wedding.

Here are just a few things that needs thinking about...

  • Location
  • Destination
  • Venue
  • Guests
  • The Outfits
  • The Wedding Rings
  • Menu
  • Entertainment
  • ... and more....

...and something that should be high on your list is....

'How you would like to marry!'

There are so many ways for you to 'tie the knot' and the most magical thing to know is that it can be done in any way your heart desires! If you choose a celebrant led ceremony, then the world is your oyster. Everything is possible... all you need to do is take your imagination to where you want it to go and there you have it, the foundations of your special day has been created.

What does a celebrant do?

As a celebrant, it isn't enough to just say that we turn your dreams into a reality... A celebrant captures everything that is important to you and carves a ceremony that IS you - about you and your loved one. When we speak about the ceremony, this is the part when two people come together to form one union. In poetical terms - 'when two hearts become one!'

The beginning of the ceremony is the occasion where we will decide how you will make your appearance in front of your family and friends, the words you wish to include, the songs, readings, poems - the special words that will lead me to say 'I now pronounce you...' And that is if you want to have those words?

This is your ceremony and you may prefer something contemporary and non conventional, outragious even, But if 'tradition' is what ticks your boxes, then we will create a ceremony fitting and yet still unique to you!

As someone once said to me: "You are the glue that sticks the whole ceremony together"... As your celebrant, together we create a storyboard and weave together different elements to enhance the ceremony so it flows seemlessly from beginning to end. These are some of the elements we may include are:

  • a candle ceremony
  • a sand ceremony
  • a handfasting ceremony
  • a loving cup

We can engage members of your party, either by partaking in one of the readings or joining in in one of the rituals.

The ultimate is...  we will have created something that is so personal, so real and so beautiful that meets your expectations and excells those who attend your wedding day!

This is a day that will remembered for years to come and these moments of how you came together will be times you remember through all the good and challenging times. The more personal the ceremony is to you both, the more complete and fulfilled you will always feel as a couple.

Let's talk about your day...

Anna Fill

Friday, 1 February 2019    Section: General Articles
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