Oksana Mas - Artist and Sculptor

As a child, I was fascinated by the deep traditions of my father's culture. Every Easter we would create beautiful painted eggs. The contents of the egg were removed leaving just the shell. Women would get together and create fantastic vibrant eggs and on Easter Sunday they were taken to the church to be blessed and given to friends and loved ones. These eggs represented new life. This artform is called 'Pysanka'.

When I heard about Oksana Mas and her exhibition “Spheres of Good and Spiritual Reneissance”, I was absolutely inspired to meet with her. She has taken the tradition of egg painting to a whole new level.

Oksana created her masterpieces using wooden eggs. When I asked her if she painted the eggs herself, she told me: "My family and friends created these eggs, so I have a feeling of their love, support and involvement."

Oksana Mas was born in 1969 in Ilyichevsk city (Odessa district), Ukraine. In 1986 she graduated from Ilyichevsk’s school of arts and then M.B. Grekov Odessa State Art School in 1992. Working as an artist, in 2003 she took her degree of the bachelor of philosophy at the Odessa State University named after Mechnikov I.I.

Anna Fill (Middle) Oksana Mas (Right)


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