Mauro Perucchetti - Artist

A pressing engagement took me far away from where I wanted to be... in a room with Jelly Babies...

Jelly babies were a childhood treat... not true... they still are. A splendid English sweet confection shaped like little babies and made of colourful jelly: Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and Black. Memories of pulling heads and sticking them back to different coloured bodies, still bring a smile to my face.

Mauro Perucchetti is the artist to create life-sized Jelly Baby sculptures made from polyurethane resin. Recently on display at the Barclay's Wealth Bank in Monaco, Mauro Perucchetti has exhibited in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In London the sculptures were on show in Marble Arch. (See video below)

All that remains is for me to stand face to face with these fruity coloured caricature sculptures. But I promise not to pull any heads off!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 21:00    Section: People and Places    Author: Anna Fill
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