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Wealth School: Making the Most of Your Resources (VIDEO)

Do you ever experience confusion? It could be facing a fog of not knowing how to address a challenge you are meeting in your career, your finances or even where to live. I find that confusion often comes before a time when what is next for me is about to be revealed. As the saying goes, the darkest hour is just before dawn.

With anything of a negative or worrying nature, your first step is to accept it for what it is. Take a few deep breaths, stretch, go for a walk, drink plenty of water so that you can let the clarity begin to reveal itself to you. As a friend says about challenges, love them all, and yourself through them. Yes, I know, easier said than done, especially when you are in the middle of a crisis, not sleeping at night and feeling stressed.

What if fear -- often woven in with confusion -- were the energy for a new situation? What if fear were truly a blessing in disguise that comes to serve you to move closer to a new goal, possibility or opportunity? What if, in the seeds of fear, you could find your greatest resources?

Human Condition

The human condition is a term I use to describe the challenges that we face, from issues in relationships, to health problems or money worries. I am not aware of any person, rich or poor, famous or unknown, who does not face a condition of some kind. The inspiring ones are those who manage to surmount their difficulties and even soar beyond them. Do you know people like that?

This story illustrates what I regard as the human condition divorced from the greatest resource of all -- the human spirit.

Human Nature

Human nature is how I view the strengths, qualities and resources with which we are born and have available to transform trials into triumphs. I choose to see human nature as being fundamentally loving and motivated to give. With practice and experience, it grows and increases its resources of talents, skills and gifts.

Each one of us is rich in the resource of love with which we can resolve problems, contribute to others and create an experience of our lives that is fulfilling and vital.

In his article "Infinite Money, Infinite Good," John Morton offers a positive perspective concerning money.

Human Spirit

The human spirit I see is that extraordinary, almost indefinable, quality that we notice in even the most ordinary people amongst us.

This story illustrates a person who chose to live freely, dependent upon his spirit and connection with others. His way may not be your choice, nor is it mine, but he shows what is possible.

The human spirit within you is a primary resource you can tap into to find your way through your difficulties and into the life you truly want to create, experience and fulfill. The human spirit connects, observes and is your voice of wisdom, joy, compassion and understanding. The power of your human spirit, expressing in unity with others, can bring about transformations for the better of all.

I am curious to know: What does "wealth" mean for you? What is, or might be, your personal intention for wealth? Whose spirit most inspires you? Please leave a comment below or write to me at

Wealth School is in part about awakening to the choices you have, especially when you feel stuck. The Wealth Book -- Winning With Spirit offers many tips and hints about creating a happy and fulfilling life, from the inside out.

Anna Fill of The Riviera Woman interviewed me recently on Wealth School:

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012    Section: People and Places    Author: Anne Naylor
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