It just confirms what we already knew girls.

Just over a year ago, I filmed one of my Chatroom features on the subject of 'Multitasking' and on the panel we did have one adamant male, local business representative, Chris France who believed that multitasking was in fact a myth and concluded that women could not successfully juggle activities... (See Video)

However, a recent study has shown some very interesting results giving women the edge when it comes to intelligence. IQ expert Professor James Flynn, ran an IQ competition in nine languages, using the board game Trivial Pursuit. After more than 15 million questions, women took the title of being the 'Cleverer Sex'. This outcome is a first for women in 100 years.

One of the suggestions as to why women have now taken the 'Clever Crown', is down to the ability to multitask. The need to raise a family and maintain an income stream has pushed the intellectual boundaries a little further. Or could it be that the male force has become too complacent? Whatever the reason, women will take this on board and improve their intellectual status by seizing opportunity and striving to succeed... no matter how many things she may have to do!

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