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Health and Beauty

Doing What Looks Natural

Choosing to look natural when we get older is what most women seek. Tabloid pressures and airbrushing technology places women in the impossible position of seeking a perfection that is too far to reach, or is it? We see in the forthcoming James Bond movie Spectre, and for the first time, a 50 year old 'beautiful' woman starring as one of the 'Bond girls'. Monica Bellucci is leading the way for so many women not only on screen but by helping women to believe that we can be beautiful at any age.

Monica Bellucci. Photo taken in Portofino

It is not so much being an older age, that most women are fearful of, but looking old is not something we embrace too well. We could argue that being young at heart and having an active lifestyle are all contributors to feeling 'young'. But it is what we see looking back at us in the mirror that scares us the most. Let's at least be honest about that!

Everything in life is a process. How we live our lives can have an everlasting affect. We live in a society that allows us to choose and we are the lucky ones. So if we treated our mind and bodies as we do a car for instance, it is that care and attention that will keep our wheels functioning well, handling well and looking pretty damn good. A bit of polish and buffing and the car will shine beautifully. A good service and overall maintainence will prolong the action of a vehicle you will be proud of. So it would be logical then, to look after ourselves in the same way. Investing in ourselves makes us feel good and if we feel good, people around us also feel good too. And to use a well known slogan, we should make the most of ourselves because 'We're worth it!'

OK cut to the chase... the beauty world has come a long way from the days of extreme and drastic surgery with only the thoughts of 'no pain, no gain' to keep us convinced we are doing the right thing. Of course being well and looking well is a lifestyle decison that needs working on constantly. You are what you eat, so fuel the body well. You can learn ways of dressing to complement and flatter your body shape, and there are experts in the field who can advise and assist you to look your very best. We return to the facial image that stares back at us in the mirror. What do we do there? Everything appears to be moving south and it seems to have happened overnight. We can either accept how we look and there is nothing wrong with that at all or we seek the help of the professionals who are experienced in the field of anti-ageing and can advice techniques that are best suited to each one of us because we are all different. Most of us think that Botox is the only option? It 'may' be one option but not necessarily the only option. If we refer to an article on the subject and speaking to Dr Jean-Luc Vigneron, internationally reknowned dermatoligist and expert in the world of anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures, he says that it is not what you use but how you use it and how much you use it. In reflection it is easy to go overboard with just a lippy.

The important factor here is: Talk to the professionals! Arm yourself with the correct information and know what is on offer before you decide a course of action. It is a good thing to invest in yourself. We study to widen our intellect, we dress well to make ourselves feel good which inspires confidence in others. So why not see what options are available and invest a little of your time to find out more.

You can, for FREE, book a place at an Exclusive Beauty Day on Thursday 19th February, organised at Villabianca to listen to what treatments are available to help achieve better skin quality. Learn about the FACTS, learn about the techniques, learn about your skin and learn that loving your reflection is absolutely possible.

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In the meantime, let's have a look at a film clip of Monica Bellucci talking about her role in the next James Bond movie. As women, no matter what our age, how we look fused with how we feel, helps us be the best that we can be.

Thursday, 22 January 2015    Section: Health and Beauty
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