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General Articles

Win Melissa Roen's award winning two book series

For the past few months The Riviera Woman has been delighted to feature American author Melissa Roen. Her two books: Last Call For Caviar and its sequel Maya Rising have been causing rather a buzz. Last Call for Caviar, won a medal in the 2016 International Book Awards for Dystopian Ficiton.

Melissa's books are set on the French Riviera and in Monaco...
in the near future...

♦ Action * Drama * Sex * Intrigue * Suspense ♦



You can win both these books written by Indie Publisher Melissa Roen
in our special competition.
You have until Sunday 15th January 2017 to enter.

The winner will be announced Monday 16th January 2017



What was the day celebrated by Americans on 24th November 2016?

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Congratulations to Carole Armour

Answer: Thanksgiving

Melissa Roen has published two novels and in two languages, her native English and also in French: 'Last Call for Caviar' and 'Maya Rising'.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016    Section: General Articles
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