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This time we met up in Seborga, the tiny principality in Italy that recently elected a new Prince. We were joined by our first male panelist to chat about equality in the workplace, with salaries and in the home. Have we still a way to go to achieve gender equality?

Here are our Chatroom panelists this month. Click on any picture to see the panelist's profile.

Julia Moore

Julia Moore is a lecturer in law, and project manager for a variety of educational projects. She frequently writes articles for The Riviera Woman.

Wendy York

Wendy York is co-editor of The Riviera Woman. She has a background in literature and art history within the higher education sector.

Mark Dezzani

Mark Dezzani is an accomplished presenter and reporter and runs Rivieralife TV.

Anna Fill

Anna Fill is Editor and founder of The Riviera Woman. She has a background in media entertainments and radio as a presenter and producer.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010 23:23    Section: The Chatroom
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