Mind your language!


Have you ever listened to what you say to yourself?

If you are allowing the negative gremlins in your head to dominate your thinking, you are not on the way to success. This article shows how negative language is disempowering and that we need to choose powerful language if we want to succeed. Unfortunately, as women, we are all too good at being hard on ourselves!

Have you ever had the experience of things going along very nicely in your life – your career is blooming, you are attracting more clients paying higher fees, your home life is peaceful – and then suddenly it all starts to crumble?

If this has happened to you, have you examined your language? This isn't necessarily what you say out loud to others, but what you say in the privacy of your own head.

If you did, you would probably discover that you are much harder on yourself than anyone else is on you! In fact, the things you say to yourself, you wouldn’t say to your worst enemy!

Our internal dialogue

We talk to ourselves all the time but most of the time we are unaware of what we say. An important step towards higher self esteem and success is listening to the negative messages and consciously changing them to positive ones, and we women are very self critical.

I can never make up my mind quickly - Negative
I take time to consider all aspects before making up my mind - Positive

The words we use have a direct influence on how we feel. We can drain our self confidence by negative words just as we can drain our self confidence with negative thinking. Read the words below and see which raise your energy and which drain your energy.

I can’t I could

I should I’m totally responsible

It’s a problem It’s an opportunity

I wish I hadn't Next time I'll act differently

The negative, judgemental words and phrases we carry in our heads are just old patterns that we learnt growing up – it does not make them true! But it does mean that every time you hear yourself say "I should've known I'd never make this work" or something similar, you are sabotaging your chances of success. Better to tell yourself "I have everything it takes to makes this work"! And the next time you say to someone else "I'm not getting the results I want in my business so I must be doing something wrong", stop yourself and rephrase this to "Business was a bit slow last month but I'm taking steps to make sure that it picks up this month".

Be vigilant about everything you say and think. Turn the disempowering language into empowering language and you are on the road to the success that your efforts show you deserve. Remember that your negative speech will produce negative results and you don't want that!

Onwards towards success feeling confident with high self esteem!

Make a list of all the negative things that you say to yourself. Then rewrite them in a positive, empowering way.



Monday, 25 April 2011 15:43    Section: Careers    Author: Kate Cobb
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