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Masa Gros is a European artist, born in 1977, in Celje, Slovenia. She's devoted to the arts and creativity relatively early and began exhibiting his work in Slovenia in 1997-1998, and later in many countries like the United States, Spain, Italy, winning recognition and support of its audience. With over 60 exhibitions, reviews, publications, interviews and other works, the artwork of Masa are now widespread in many countries: Venezuela, Africa, Germany, Holland, Austria, France, connecting art, culture, people and ideas... Dedicated to art projects, cultural and alternative, she organized numerous exhibitions, programs for children, writing poems and has already led many other projects for the future.With its dedication to its success and support of its audience, she extends his art but also its programs and artistic presentations through the vision of the studio " Art Studio Gros"


By Masa Gros

Exhibition from October 21st to November 30th 2010

3.14 HOTEL



+33 (0)4 92 99 72 00

Word by Masa Gros:

"I am fortunate to be able to express my inner feeling, message and energy throughout my paintings, words, living.Art is not a job, it is a life-style, is not a material thing, it is a voice from inside and it is spiritual. It brings beauty, peace and at the same time a question, an answer, is always alive, never sleeps.It is born within me and expressed through me, as the massage to you all and connection between us.It is here to share and feel it."

Monday, 18 October 2010    Section: Events
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