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Gregory Maïofis

Gregory Maïofis was born in St. Petersburg in 1970, in a family of classical artists. His grandparents were both architects; his father is a well-known graphic artist and book illustrator. In his last year of high school, Maïofis was trained in traditional techniques and mediums and made classical copies of masters like Goya and Daumier. He then studied painting at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg for two years. Yet imaginary subjects and surrealist flights of fantasy were taking hold of him at this early stage.

The Carré Doré Gallery in Monaco is hosting a collection of Maïofis photographs. His style, which uses old technologies such as the bromoil process, has been described as reminiscent of René Magritte; humorous, grotesquely ironic and surreal. Magrittkin, if you like. Visually the photographs hark back to the early days of photography, with none of the modern quest for perfection and ultra-realism. The simplicity and classical perfection of black-and-white photography with hand-drawn oil or watercolour details lends a distinctive style. The irrepressible humor of it all allows the viewer a wide range of interpretations; all stir up an aesthetic wonderment for the prowess and sophistication of these surrealist collages.

"Taste for Russian Ballet" - 2008

"Adversity makes strange bedfellows" - 2006

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