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Food and Recipes

Côte de Bœuf


1 côte de bœuf (1 kg)

1 kg de gros sel



Make sure that the meat is taken out of the fridge 30 minutes before – ie at room temperature by the time it is to be cooked.

Make sure the oven is preheated to the maximum – at least 250°C.

Pour the Salt onto a large plate (bigger than the beef)

Brush the meat with Oil and Flash Fry the meat in a pan briefly - (a ribbed cast Iron Skillet is the best) each side to seal and get the charred marks on the beef.

Then take off and season with pepper. Coat both sides with the Salt and then cover with the remaining salt.

Cook in oven – timing by experience.. (of the oven and how cooked you want it...) > but for up to 40 minutes. 20 mins Saignant and onwards, 35 a point.

Let stand in a hot place for up to 10 mins (in the switched off oven but with the door open).

Serve it up, by putting it on a wooden board and gently shaking the salt off but leaving it crusted and leaving the salt around it– cut the bone out,, slice the meat in diagonal cuts of just under 1 cm slices. Place some rosemary sprigs between the slices and place it on the table to be served, where everyone shares (up to 3 people) selecting their own amount.

Serve this with either Herb Butter or Bernaise Sauce and a salad OR roast vegetables and with a generous Red Wine such as a St. Joseph - Rhone.


The Auberge de la Croix du Pape was also featured in one of The Riviera Woman Chatroom's

The Restaurant is perched above the village of Éze between Nice and Monaco. The experience is a plus plus: Terrific food and stunning views. The atmosphere fuses a traditional cuisine with a contemporary environment.
Auberge de la Croix du Pape is an ideal venue for small parties, up to 50 people, conferences and social get-togethers. Special thanks to Chris Wollen and his team.

Saturday, 26 March 2011    Section: Food and Recipes
Article tags: roast beef
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