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Jewelled Over


Passion and creativity fused together with a great personality and a good dose of humour, is how I would best describe Shali.

ShaliEarrings Shali was born in Argentine. Having lived in France for over thirty years, she now lives in Albi and is a frequent visitor to the Riviera. For the last few years, Shali has dedicated her time to developing her unique style in creating glass jewellery. She is driven by passion and has mastered this skillful art and her work is a pleasure to see. There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing that no two pieces of jewellery can ever be the same. I was rather proud of my own acquisition of a set of earrings which immediately caught my attention from amongst the collection on display at Brittain's Restaurant near Mougins. This is a work of art and no better compliment can be paid to the artist than to be able to show them off in public.

Life as an artisan is not an easy path or a way to make a fast buck. I listened carefully to Shali as she described the process that goes into making each piece of glass jewellery. Art it may be but there's a degree of science and skill needed to achieve the perfect result. Materials are expensive and so are the tools. A kiln is required in order to fuse the glass pieces to various temperatures and at certain stages reaching well above 800 ºC.

To create fused glass jewellery, a design for a piece has to be made and the colour of glass decided, along with extra trimmings such as foil, which has an amazing effect when fused between the layers of different coloured glass. To form the shapes, glass cutters and breakers are needed. A series of sessions baked at varying temperatures in the kiln, are needed to achieve the end result.

The process can take anything from 10 to 12 hours. It is certainly a labour of love.

Protective clothing is vital to ensure there are no injuries. Glass can shatter and will certainly scorch.

The boutique that displays and sells her jewellery is called "Samantha" and is located at n° 22 bis, rue Peyrolière, 81000, Albi. The telephone number is 0033 (0)5 63 54 00 91. If you are down that way, why not pop in and have a look. And also at "Le Petit Monde de Perline" which is located at n° 26 Place des Arcades in the old village of Biot 0033 (0)4 92 90 32 85.

Shali with Anna Fill of The Riviera Woman






The Riviera Woman is delighted to be able to give away one of Shali's Jewellery pieces in this months competition.


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Visit Shali's website: Couleursdeverre

Sunday, 22 August 2010    Section: People and Places
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