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Wine Tips

Gevrey Chambertin

For December Deborah Sheffield of Corkers Fine Wines has selected a Red Burgundy,
Gevrey Chambertin from Joseph Drouhin.


One of the most common questions around the holidays is "Which wine goes best with turkey?" Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

Choosing a wine to enjoy with turkey has never been easy, with so many quality wines and varietals available. The task becomes even more difficult as we mix bold and spicy new dishes with more traditional holidays meals.
The easiest way to answer this question is to ask oneself, "What wine do I prefer?" This is always a fail-safe option, since turkey can be prepared in so many different ways and accompanied by different sauces, dressings and side dishes. Another consideration is the fact that different people like different wines, with or without their turkey. Someone who enjoys a sweet rosé wine with their meal is not going to ask for a crisp dry Chardonnay or a rich deep Cabernet Sauvignon with their turkey. However, there are a few wines that can enhance your turkey dinner.

Red wine

Light fruity reds seem particularly attuned to turkey. Young reds of all types tend to have a layer of berry flavours, which offsets the heavier elements of a turkey dinner. Stay away from big Cabernet Sauvignons, and stick with lighter reds, like Pinot Noirs, fruitier Merlots and Shiraz.
Every year in November, Beaujolais Nouveau is the first wine to be harvested in the Beaujolais region of France. Made from the Gamay grape, this wine is fresh, fruity, light-bodied and has hints of cherry and plums with a peppery finish. Some say it complements holiday fare well, and as it can be enjoyed slightly chilled, it can be enjoyed by those who favour a white wine.
For those who like their red wines hearty and full of flavour, a Syrah/Shiraz can balance even the most flavourful and spicy holiday fare. The Syrah grape, originally from the Middle East, produces an aromatic wine, tasting of blackberries and has decidedly peppery notes that many find delicious.

White wine

Almost any good white can be served with turkey, except of course, sweet dessert wine. Dry European whites have a clean palate and cleansing quality about them. Riesling, White Burgundy and most of the modern Italian whites would shine alongside a traditional holiday turkey dinner.


Gevrey Chambertin: Joseph Drouhin


My personal preference to accompany traditional roast turkey would be a Red Burgundy like this Gevrey Chambertin from Joseph Drouhin.

This wine is available from Corkers Fine Wines at 50 euros TTC per bottle.



Please email or call 0493 775 113 for further details.


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Friday, 26 November 2010    Section: Wine Tips    Author: Deborah Sheffield
Article tags: wine christmas
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