Marinella Vadilonga

Marinella Vadilonga was born in Sardinia, Italy. After studying in Germany, she followed her heart and moved to Canada with her now husband.

Her true passion is interior design and Marinella has created beautiful homes in Germany, Canada and having returned to Italy she has launched her own business Residenza Liguria where she is working on several projects locally.

Liguria is a wonderful region featuring hilly landscapes with sleepy villages and the beautiful Mediterranean coastline with extravagant villas and luxury yachts - a wonderful playground for Marinella to max out her creative skills. To add to her portfolio, Marinella has just completed the interior design on three luxury yachts.

In our living space we should
find peace and relaxation.


Ligurian homes can be contemporary, rustic or provincial, so it is Marinella that tailors the home to the personalities and tastes of the home-owners, taking care that ever detail and desire is met.

Marinella has now expanded her business to helping buyers with the whole buying process in Italy and with her wealth of knowledge and experience, she will connect you with experienced professionals and experts to make the Italian experience one of pure pleasure.

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