Bagdad Cafe

Bagdad Cafe is one of those films that will have you feeling warm and inspired.

A German woman on holiday in the Californian desert finds herself on her own after a row with her husband. She encounters the owner of a nearby motel who has also separated from her husband.

After a great deal of suspicion and apprehension, the two women form an incredible bond and together they transform the quiet sleepy motel into a busy, lively cabaret venue.

Passion and determination were the two key factors that transformed the lives of these two very different women. A meeting of minds lead to their success and their culture differences enriched their friendship.

In Riviera land, we are surrounded by many nationalities and cultural differences and the film gives hope to women looking to collaborate with other like-minded women. With the ability to compromise, the connection can be the catalyst to a successful business.

The film may have been released in 1988 but the same rules still apply today. Mutual respect and double the rewards.

Thursday, 1 March 2012    Section: Films
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