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People and Places

Brigitte Rupp - The Financial Bodyguard

It is said that first impressions count and in a world where there is so much uncertainty, we need to feel confident with those we meet.

Brigitte Rupp inspires confidence.

Brigitte was born and lived in Vienna, Austria until 2007. She graduated from the University of Economics and she spent over a decade managing a chain of four star hotels 'Starlight Hotels', in Austria.

Following her divorce, she decided to take to London, a city that she loves greatly. It was here that she took a Business English Course with the view of re-inventing herself and settling in London.

It was Brigitte's impressive CV that attracted Nigel Green CEO and founder of the financial institution deVere Group. Brigitte was invited to an interview and offered the opportunity to become a Financial Consultant with a choice of over 20 different locations in 4 continents to work in. Brigitte decided that because she was absolutely fascinated by the company and career prospects, she chose to leave London for Barcelona and then Madrid. It is a decision she has never regretted and has enjoyed every single moment working with deVere.

Since taking on her role in 2008, and a longing to be back by the sea, she was offered the opportunity to be part of the company expansion programme which introduced her to France and brought her to Nice in 2010.

When Brigitte is not wearing her financial hat, she enjoys golfing, sailing, being on the beach, horse-riding, travelling, fast cars and being with friends.

Brigitte Rupp explains why it is important to take control and invest in your future. She believes if you don't do it, nobody else will! Brigitte presents a selection of situations:

A. Do you want to be dependent on the government, a partner, an inheritance that might not happen when you needed it to?

B. Do you like the thought of having to work until 70, thinking about every cent, abdicate/renounce many of the beautiful things in life?

C. What if the company you founded is not working out as well as you planned?

D. What if you become ill or have an accident and you cannot work in the way you had hoped?

**Or do you want to live a prosperous life, enjoy it to the fullest, being able to help your children and grandchildren financially and be free to do whatever you have been dreaming of?

Her emphasis is on having to be realistic today, "especially as the governmental support is not enough anymore and not sustainable sooner or later" she states. Brigitte continues to say "Money - wisely invested  - will always work for You!"

There is always the question of when you should start to think about pensions and investments? The answer is 'As soon as you earn money. It can never be too early, but sometimes it's nearly too late. When it comes to investments TIME in the markets is decisive, not so much TIMING!'.

There are always concerns when investing money and the greatest concern people have is to get back less than they originally invested. After the crash in 2008 the world saw a couple of banks default and it is only natural that this is now a constant fear for people. But Brigitte Rupp believes that the finance industry learned a great deal from this situation and have set measures in place to prevent that in the future. She makes the point: "The key factor to dissolve any concern is knowledge! There are safe and successful investment strategies and tools available, there are ways to let your money grow ways above inflation and at the same time protect it - but not everybody knows how to achieve that." "That's why..." she continues to say "deVere has launched a series of seminars worldwide to inform and educate international professionals and expatriates." See details of the Next Event.

It is always important to gain the confidence of those who seek financial advice. Brigitte stresses the importance of spending quality time with her clients and together theye find out what exactly is needed, and what goals are wanted. Brigitte then explains in depth the available investment options that correspond exactly with their attitude towards investment and the risks involved, until there are no questions left... "I am always approachable and available, people can actually talk to me and see me whenever they feel the need for it, at least every quarter for a review of their status."

Brigitte points out that she works on behalf of the client, NOT on behalf of a bank or insurance institution. Her experience means that she can search for exactly that investment solution that is needed to achieve the financial target of the client, whatever that might be, to the best of her knowledge. "The deVere group has built up a substantial client base of over 60.000 clients over the years and countless testimonials of happy clients tell the story."

Brigitte is extremely 'hands on' - she is contactable 24/7 on her mobile phone! (except when she is in a meeting with one of her clients) and she considers this to be one of her biggest advantages, in that she is totally flexible time wise to meet her clients - also after hours or on a weekend, be it at her office, their offices or in their homes or aboard yachts. She travels the whole breadth of the Riviera.

Brigitte is passionate about helping women protect their future. In the spirit of the 21st century, women want to be more and more financially independent of their partner/husband and decide their own destiny. She can only recommend that every woman should plan ahead financially, also in Happy Days, being aware of the divorce ratio and that 1 in 2 marriages do end up in divorce. Relying on a golden handshake at the end of the divorce procedure is no longer an option (in most cases). Saving and planning ahead can also prepare the way foward to creating a new company if and when a woman wishes, in the pursuit to live the life of her dreams and even after having been a mother for many years away from the professional career path, this investment can open new doors.

For peace of mind, talk to Brigitte Rupp and give yourself the options you deserve.

Brigitte Rupp
Senior Partner
SARL deVere France (Nice)

Office: +33 (0)493 18 73 65  Mobile: +33 (0)6 07 14 30 54


Wednesday, 16 May 2012    Section: People and Places
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