Peer to Peer Lending

They say that a problem is an opportunity in disguise... and as small businesses struggle to grow and develop owing to lack of support from the banks, a new trend appears to be rapidly catching on.

More and more people are looking to an opportunity called 'Peer to Peer' lending. This is also known as 'social lending' - a way to borrow and lend money directly from an individual without using a bank. Although it does require more time, effort and research to get a deal, at least there is a light at the end of what was a very long and dark tunnel, giving hope to the struggling entrepreneurs of today and of those of the future.

As with all financial commitments and transactions, there are risks but at least this is a way to move forward and to keep the business wheels in motion. And at least now there is a choice and a realistic solution. This is a classic tale of 'necessity being the mother of invention!'

It has been speculated that peer-to-peer lending could replace High Street banks in the future. Rates and returns can be more competitive as the 'middle man' better known as the bank, is being bypassed. This is a win win for both the lender and the borrower.

Could it be that banks are shooting themselves in the foot? Only time will tell but for the moment, long live the peers!

One UK entrepreneur and very successful business man challenges the system and starts up his own bank: "Bank of Dave". Driven by passion and the need to make a difference, David Fishwick opens his own bank (money lending institution). This is what is featured on his website: "Any profits received, after the overheads are paid WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY! At Burnley Savings and Loans we do not do big bonuses."

Visit the website:

Bank of Dave - Part 2

Bank of Dave - Part 3

Bank of Dave - Part 4

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