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General Articles

Top Tip: Unshrink a pure wool jumper.

Fortunately for me it was not a new jumper, just an old one that was used when pottering out in the garden but nevertheless it was one that I was happy to wear for that job.

Great disappointment came after I accidently popped it into the washing machine and gave it a 60 degree hot wash and spin. I was left with was a ball of fluff loosly described as a garment half the size it was when it first went into the abyss.

So here is a tip that I found worked for me and I now have a jumper, still old but resembling the one I had before it went into the washing machine.


1. Soak the jumper in a bowl containing lukewarm water and hair conditioner. I used a mix of conditioner with fabric softner. This process allows the fibres in the wool to unlock.

2. Leave the garment for thirty minutes to an hour and then gently squeeze away any liquid by pressing the garment against the bowl.

3. Lay it flat on a towel and begin to reshape the jumper by gently stretching it to the original size.

4. Allow it to dry in an aired place but away from heat, as it is the heat that will cause the wool fibres to lock up again and cause it to shrink.

5. Result is one unshrunk garment and happy face.

It is worth giving it a go!

Sunday, 24 March 2013    Section: General Articles
Article tags: Unshrink Wool Jumper
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