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General Articles

How to keep Motivated, Seek Opportunity and Striving to be Successful

Keeping Motivated
"I have a dream"

Never underestimate the power of a dream. Being inspirational is about articulating a vision. However the dream is just the beginning, you also need a plan. You will never achieve success without a clear course of action. Martin Luther King had one, John F. Kennedy had one, Winston Churchill had one and so do all the future Olympic and Paralympic gold medal winners. If you want to build yourself, your team or your brand you need a strong vision to create excitement and inspire. Once you have the dream you can inspire people to push the boundaries and think out-of-the-box to achieve it. When working with others, find out what their dreams are and help them to achieve them. Incorporate your clients’, partner’s, family’s dreams into your plan. Once you have your plan and are on the road to success, show others how you did this and help them to map a clear path to their dreams. Your plan may be a picture you draw, a vision board, a set of steps you write out and then adhere to. Dreams need help to become actionable and this may mean a certain number of life style changes. It’s no good dreaming that that you will be slim and fit within 3 months if you continue pumping yourself with carbs and spend more time sitting than walking. Likewise it’s no good dreaming that you will find the perfect career path or partner unless you take concrete steps to put yourself EVERY DAY in a position to achieve this. A life coach can show you how to do this and fast track you to success. Just as a personal trainer maps out a body management plan for you, so the life coach helps you map out the journey to your next destination and shows you how best to achieve this, while checking to see if you are meeting targets. No one can dream your dream but they can show you how best to make it a reality!

My tip of the month:

Articulate your dreams to those around you and change your life on a daily basis until you are living the dream. Make it visual and take some sessions with a life coach who will help you recalibrate and teach you the mechanisms to get from dreaming the dream to achieving the dream.


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Saturday, 1 March 2014    Section: General Articles    Author: Judy Churchill
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